Friday, April 20, 2007

Pfluger Park

Pfluger Park

Well, the weather has been awesome, I had to run some errands, so of course, I bribed the kids, if they would behave through Costco, I would take them to the park. So we went to Pfluger Park, which was fun, that was the park Kenzie used to play on when she was a baby. We played in the creek and met some dogs swimming in the creek, a dalmatian and a jack russell, and of course, the kids wanted to jump in and swim with them. Got some good pictures of the kids though.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three Little Pigs

Regan's school had a play, the Three Little Pigs. They did the play 5 times so all the kids would have a chance to play a part. Regan got to be the part of the pig in the straw house. It was cute, after the wolf comes down the chimney and burns his booty on the fire, the pigs run out and sing "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?" and they danced around on stage. It was cute, and for once, Regan didn't have stage fright. She actually said her line, "Not by the hair on my chiny-chin-chin!"

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Main Event

Main Event

Well, tonight we had a birthday party for one of Riley's friends, Addison. The party was at main Event, and since Regan is good friends with Addison's sister, Evelyn, it was a family affair. They bowled, which was so cute to see Regan tossing that ball around. They even turned the lights out for Galactic Bowl, so we glowed in the dark a little bit. Then it was time for cake and pizza, where David and I got into an icing fight. He had been bugging me all day, just being a "kid" and picking on me, so when I had enough of that, I smushed some icing up his nose!! Well, he grabbed the rest of the icing, and let's just say, I ended up washing most of my hair in the bathroom sink!! He always takes things up a notch or two or ten!! But, it was fun. Then we had glow in the dark putt putt, which was a lot of fun too. Everyone else had to leave early, so it was just Addison's family and ours, so we all had a great time. I took tons of pictures. none of the icing fight though, thank goodness, no need to have that recorded for posterity!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

In Bloom


Well, there is a huge field of bluebonnets right by our house, so we headed out there today and got some halfway decent shots. The kids are still squinting in most of them, but some turned out pretty cute. They actually look like they can tolerate each other. Barely. It's funny, anytime we pass a flower now, Regan thinks it's a "bonnet" as in, "Mom, look at those yellow-bonnets and orange-bonnets!!" It's cute.

Monday, April 9, 2007


So, today Riley gets in the car and says, "Mom, guess what? Regan is obstreperous!" I said hmm, okay. He says that means, loud, noisy and out of control. Good one Riley!! He hit the nail on the head with that one. That was a word he saw in Mr. Silverberg's classroom and he took it to heart.

Regan's funny thing is the color blue. For some reason she just loves the color blue and one day told me why. "I love blue cause blue is in my heart!" Have NO idea what that means, but ask her any day, any time what her favorite color is, and she will gladly tell you that blue is in her heart! So cute.