Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So on the way to school today, Regan asked me to turn the radio down so she could see the angels! She said that we have angels out there watching over us but you can only see them if you're very quiet. How sweet!

Monday, July 23, 2007

First Day Report

The end of the first day of school, and what a day! They came home tired and hungry. When I asked Regan about her day, all she said was that they do a LOT of work there. She told me to tell Mrs. Garwood that tomorrow, she doesn't want to do all that work. She also wants me to pick her up earlier! I take it her first day wasn't all she thought it would be. She said she made some friends, can't remember any names, even though one she said she's been knowing forever. Riley said no one picked on him today, so that's always good. Now, we just have to do this again every day for the next 200+ days!!

My Little Target Workers!

It's the first day of school! My baby girl is all grown up, I can't believe she started Kindergarten today. She didn't want me to bring her in, she just wanted me to do the drive thru and drop her off. But, I walked her in anyway, and felt bad that all the other mom's and dad's were there taking pictures, and I didn't bring my camera. But, I was afraid she would get clingy if I stayed too long, so I dropped her off, she found her cubby and her chair, so I went to drop Riley off. They are in a new building this year, tons more kids, it's going to be very different this year. Riley is one of the oldest kids on the campus, since it's K-3, so it's odd to see him as one of the "big" kids!

I'd like to say I'm going to spend the day cleaning, or meeting other mom's for a "free day" but I haven't felt great all weekend, losing my voice, sore throat, so I'm going to take a nap and read Harry Potter!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Things to do in Austin when it RAINS!!!

Family Pics

Not much apparently! My cousins Kayla, Trista, and her husband Chris (and their baby dog Ginger) came to town this weekend, we were gonna go tubing on the Guadalupe or go to Schlitterbahn, but we've had so much rain, it was too dangerous to do the rapids, and still raining, we didn't feel like braving the weather at Schlitterbahn. So, Friday we had breakfast at a famous Austin institution, Kerbey Lane, then we went to Main Event, did some glo-bowl, some glow in the dark putt-putt, some games, had a great time. Then ordered pizza and watched movies. Saturday Chris and Trista went to the Ski Ranch so Chris could get some wakeboarding in, then Chris went to a car show while Trista, Kayla and I went shopping for our cousin Raelynn's baby shower. Then dinner at another famous Austin institution, Chuy's, yum, and then spent Sunday driving around looking at houses that we would like if we won like a trillion dollar lottery one day! So we had fun even though it wasn't great weather. The kids had a blast playing with Ginger, and I think Ricky liked playing with her too.

Monday, July 16, 2007

San Antonio Weekend

San Antonio July 2007

Wow, what a trip! I can say without a doubt this was one of the more interesting trips we've been on! First, Jay and Tammy bought a new, bigger RV and wanted to try it out before they head out on their 2 week trip to Minnesota. So of course, we were more than happy to help them out!! They went to San Antonio Friday night, got set up and everything, since David had to work late Friday night, we headed out first thing Saturday morning.

We met at the San Antonio Zoo, it's been years since we've been there, the last time, Riley was 2, it was 112 degrees outside and we left after about 30 minutes. This time wasn't quite as hot, but it was still dang hot, humid and it was drizzling off and on. We saw the front half of the zoo, got to see a very talented monkey doing tricks for us with his privates. Played in the kid's area for a while, since it was air conditioned, and then found out the back half was shut down because someone got hurt. We thought we would wait it out a bit, at that time they were saying it would be an hour or so, but then decided we were all too hot and tired to wait much longer, so we headed back to the front, just in time to find out they closed the zoo and were making everyone leave. There were news crews all over, ambulance, Life Flight, it was a madhouse! We never heard what was going on, only someone was hurt. So, thankfully my husband can't go anywhere without wireless internet and his laptop, so when we got back to camp we found out a worker had been mauled by a Sumatran Tiger.

So we left and went to one of our favorite places to eat in San Antonio, Chacho's! They are like Taco Cabana, but better and cheaper, it's awesome.

The camp we were staying at had a nice playground, and a pool, so we spent the rest of the evening there, letting the kids get worn out, while David sat in the rec room surfing the net. We put all our wet bathing suits and towels, and Regan's shoes outside on the picnic table to dry out overnight, only to be awakened by a massive thunderstorm sometime in the early morning hours. The only shoes I packed for Regan, her tennis shoes, were soaked! So, before we could head to Sea World, we had to make a run to Walmart for some cheap replacements.

We pack up and head out to Sea World, since we have season passes, we were only going to stay for a little while. Of course, first stop is the hospitality room there, where they give out free samples of energy drinks!! Then Riley wanted to ride the Steel Eel about a million times, so he and David did that while Regan and I watched the 4D movie. We weren't in the door good and Regan was complaining about the new shoes, so we had a trip to first aid to get Band-Aids. We got to ride the log ride, Regan's favorite, and the new ride, Journey to Atlantis, which was really fun! We had all the fun we could handle around 5, so we left and went to Rudy's for dinner.

Made it home tired, hot, exhausted, and with company coming! We got a call that Tiffany, David's sister, was back in the hospital so Leo and Linda were on their way up. Thankfully, I cleaned my house before we left, so I was able to come home, change the sheets on the guest bed, and try to recuperate from the crazy weekend.

Friday, July 13, 2007

More Reganisms

She cracks us up, constantly! Last night as David and Riley were wrestling (there's LOTS of roughhousing in our house!) David was calling Riley a chicken, and making chicken sounds at him (bwock!) and Regan got mad, went running over to David and yelled at him, "Don't call my brother a BWOCK BWOCK!" Riley thought that was the funniest thing.

Then today, she wanted scrambled eggs, so as I was making them, she pushed her chair over to help, and saw that I had already cracked the eggs, and got mad, "MOM!! I wanted to hatch the eggs!!"

We're getting ready to head out to San Antonio for the weekend, not much happened this week, we went to the Pflugerville water park, and the Round Rock water park (I look like a raccoon now!) and ran some errands. I didn't take any pictures this week, but I'll more than make up for it this weekend, I'm sure!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Pictures

Random Oldies

I was trying to clear out my laptop, it gets full with all the pictures I take, digital scrapbook stuff I do and music I download, so every once in a while I dump all my files onto an external drive that David has. So, as I was dumping, I decided to look through my old pictures, and put some on here so if you were so inclined, you could take a walk down memory lane with us! There's Regan's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday party pics, Riley's 6th and 7th birthday, and random trips we have taken to Houston, San Antonio and Louisiana. It's amazing how much the kids have grown the last few years. Anyway, if you have some time, take a peek.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Here is a picture of the shirts the kids made for the 4th, and a dessert I made for them. They had Vacation Bible School all last week, and this week they are back at Camp Double Creek, so they are really looking forward to having tomorrow off!! We are going to go see Ratatouille, and probably go eat at Jason's Deli, just spend some family time together. I can't believe school starts back in about 3 weeks! I have really missed them the last few days and look forward to spending the next couple of weeks with them before they are back at school for the year.



I tried getting some pictures of our flowers, they are so full and colorful these days with all the rain. So here are my attempts at nature photography. I think I should stick to pictures of cute kids!! There's some of a tiny frog that jumped out of the flowers, that was cool, it's like trying to find Waldo in the mulch though.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Jesus is peeing!

After years of telling the kids when it thunders, that Jesus is bowling, and when there's a sliver moon, Jesus is clipping his fingernails, I guess it was only natural that Regan would come up with this when it was raining..."Mom, Jesus is peeing!"

Well, I wish Jesus would stop! We've had SO much rain lately. Good news is my flowers look fantastic, they are so huge and colorful, my tomatoes are looking great, nice and red. The kids are at Camp Doublecreek again this week, and I want them to be outside and having fun! But, it's supposed to rain all week...depressing.