Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

What a crazy day!! First my kids make a HUGE mess, they spilled cocoa ALL over the place, it was a horrible mess...
Then after they cleaned that up we ate dessert for dinner!! Big fluffy cupcakes, with yummy bright blue icing, they were so light and moist and delicious!!

And then, for dessert, we had sushi! The kids weren't too sure about sushi, but hey, you only live once, right? So they were brave, they tried it, and surprisingly enough, they LOVED it, they kept going back for more! And they want to eat like this every night!

And of course, APRIL FOOLS!! I made the cocoa mess out of glue and brown paint and marshmallows a few days ago and left it on the computer desk and really got them good with that today when they got home from school! I was yelling at them for having drinks by them computer when they aren't supposed to, the look on their poor little faces, until they picked up the cup and the "mess" came with it, was priceless!

The cupcakes, were meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top, with blue food coloring. Regan was kind of mad, she really was looking forward to dessert for dinner! And she took that first bite, and the look she gave me, I'm surprised I didn't melt right there from the heat of her stare!

And the sushi was rice crispy treats wrapped in fruit roll ups, with gummy worms inside. Those were a big hit though, Tristan was wanting to hit those hard!!

And of course the pranks were out in full force, I got Alex with the rubber band around the water sprayer trick, sprayed him good, it was great for me to get someone for a change, usually I'm the one that's on the receiving end of the pranks.

But the day ended too soon, I had many more tricks up my sleeve. Maybe we can extend it just a little bit?? They really won't see it coming then!!


Jamielouwho said...

Oh my goodness girl, you're da bomb! What a fun, fun day YOU had!! I'm NOT showing this to Alex, because I will certainly get in trouble...before bed lastnight he tells me sadly, "momma, I really don't feel like it was April Fools Day."
Had I actually remembered it was 4-1 before 5:00pm I might have done something for the poor April Fools Day-less kid.
Good job momma, you got em good!

feistymama said...

Can you be my mommy? LOL! Seriously, how fun!!!! :)