Sunday, April 29, 2012

Palmetto State Park Camping Trip

Palmetto SP

This weekend was our very first Girl Scout tent camping trip! We had so much fun. We packed up my truck and two other vehicles on Friday afternoon, my truck held all the gear, so it was kind of a nice, quiet trip for me! We went to Palmetto State Park which was about an hour away, and very un-Texas looking! There were trees and swamps, and parts of it looked very prehistoric. A nice park actually.

First thing, we had the girls unload the trucks and start working on their tent. We helped very little since this is the Girl Scouts event, so they set it up on their own as much as possible. Then we had them eat their sack-dinner while we set up our tent. We got our bedrolls out and then made a campfire and I proceeded to burn 5 packages of Jiffy Pop! The girls didn't mind, they thought it was cool to pop popcorn on the campfire, so that was good! Then around 10:30 the girls were eager to hit the tent and they were all sound asleep in a matter of minutes.

Then Saturday morning, we got up, made baggie eggs for breakfast, you put eggs, bacon, cheese, etc. in a Ziploc baggie and then boil them all, it makes a small omelet.  We also had fruit and donuts. Then we got that cleaned up, and headed off to earn our Geocaching patch. The girls did a great job learning how to Geocache, they looked up coordinates, and then followed the compass around a hiking trail and we found our Geocache, and left behind some UV beads for the next group. Then we found the river and jumped in for a while to cool off! (that was the best part)

Then we had sandwiches for lunch, and the best Frito-Pie for dinner (probably so good because we were so hungry, or because food outside always tastes better!) The girls did all the cooking and cleaning, and they did a great job of it! We met another 4th grade Girl Scout troop, right across the road from us, so they invited us over for campfires and s'mores and a sing-along Saturday night! It was fun to meet new friends and of course, s'mores are always fun.

Sunday morning, we got up (no showers all weekend too! There were only 2 showers for the whole park and they were not close, so we were all dirty and stinky by this time!) but we let the girls take the tents down, and we loaded up the cars, after a fruit and cereal breakfast, and then we were about to pull out when we realized my battery had died! I think from all the in and out all weekend, my light stayed on too much. But, we managed to get a jump and be on our way, only slightly behind schedule. It was a great trip, and the girls really enjoyed it, and we all can't wait to go again.

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