Monday, June 4, 2012

All About Hair!

Regan has been wanting a perm forever, but I got her some of those pink sponge rollers that I used to sleep in when I was a kid to have "Shirley Temple" hair! They now come in different sizes and colors, so we've been playing around with her hair. The first night, we used the smallest size rollers and she ended up with a short, tight, white afro! She hated it. So, as we were rushing out the door for school, I pulled it back into two ponies and said she looked like a curly Princess Leah! As the day wore on, the curls dropped, and it was much cuter. But then we tried the bigger rollers and she liked that much better.


And, miracle of all miracles, Riley decided to go for broke and cut all his luscious locks off! I think he thinks he is Sampson and his power is his hair! He hates getting it cut and even though he asked for it, it was pretty traumatic for him to get it cut. There was almost enough hair to donate to Locks Of Love! But, I think he looks much older, and much more military-ready with the short hair!

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