Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jellystone Park

Our first Girl Scout trip of the year!I can't believe this is our 6th year to be in Girl Scouts, and mostly with the same girls. We have a great group of girls and I love that we get to do so many fun things throughout the year.

This was a super fun camping trip! We had 12 out of 15 girls that were able to make it. We had it planned for a while, but then it started raining and I got a text the night before that the trip was canceled. Regan was SO upset, and I hadn't even started getting any of our stuff together, so imagine my surprise when the next day around noon I get another text, the trip is back on! Well, then it was flight of the bumblebee to get packed for me and for Regan, and get to Krista's to load up. We were leaving at 4:30 and another van load was coming later.

So we got to Jellystone Park and got our tents set up as quick as possible. The girls do most of it, and then we let them take their sack dinner over to the outdoor theater and watch Puss and Boots while we finished up.

Of course it took a while for them to settle down and go to sleep, so I wasn't asleep till close to 1am, and the girls were up bright and early around 6:45am! We got up and got breakfast going (baggie eggs, breakfast tacos and fruit). By the time we got it all eaten and cleaned up (Girl Scout rules means no paper plates or plastic utensils, but using a "mess kit" and washing dishes with boiling hot water and bleach water after each meal!) so it's a little more time consuming than the easy way out! Then we went to Candy Bar Bingo, and you pay for your bingo card with a candy bar! It was fun, and I even got a bingo!

Then we headed over to the pool, with the awesome 6 person super fast water slide! The girls rode that thing over and over and over! They also had a new 4 person water slide, which was really fun, but I think hard for the girls to carry the huge tube up all those stairs. We swam until lunch time, where we had sandwiches real quick so we could head back to the pool again. After more swimming, it was time for an ice cream social. The park had a daily list of activities, so we were trying to do as many of those as we could. We then headed back to the pool for some more slide time.

After the girls were completely water logged, we had our first official Girl Scout meeting of the year, where we talked about some of the community service projects we have coming up, brainstormed some ideas for our Bronze Award, and planned an activity for our sister Brownie troop to help them earn a Try-It. For dinner it was Frito Pie (gluten free, yay for me!) and the girls got it all cleaned up in time to go watch the outdoor movie again, while we grown up took our showers and got ready for S'mores.

By bedtime that night, we were all pretty exhausted and I head that it rained a little, but I never heard it, I was out cold all night! There was the cutest little dog that hung around camp, the girls named her Cocoa, and she was so sweet. Regan cried wanting to bring her home and adopt her and take care of her.  The next morning it was time to pack up, say goodbye to Cocoa, and before we left we stopped and said the Pledge of Allegiance with Cindy Bear at the Flagpole, and took some pictures with Yogi Bear. It was a really neat park, and the girls want to camp there again! They had some pretty cool cabins that I wouldn't mind staying in sometime too.

I just love Girls Scouts :)

Jellystone Park

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