Monday, December 9, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!

It's been an adventure already! We went to put the tree up (way later than I would normally put the tree up) and the cords to the lights had gotten caught in the attic ladder and were all frayed. I didn't want to worry all season about a tree fire, so we tossed it and David and I went to Garden Ridge to find a new tree. And here is where the fun begins. David likes big, huge, full trees with colored lights. I like smaller trees I can wrangle myself (since we disagree on when decorations should go up), and white lights! Well, we "compromised" and got a huge fluffy tree with no lights, cause it was a lot cheaper than the one with lights. David thinks after Christmas he can spend some time wrapping the tree with lights (that were much cheaper to buy separately) and then pack it away with the lights on.  The only lights they had though, are white lights, so yay for me!

Whatevs, it's up and done and it looks pretty. We had our annual tradition of watching White Christmas with Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby while we pulled out the ornaments and laughed at all the ones the kids made when they were little, and talked about all the ones they pick out every year. Riley has a little collection of Navy ones going, that he wants in a clump.  Regan has a bunch of horse ornaments that all have to have a very important spot on the tree!

Oh, and we had to keep all the "good" ones up high, just in case Hunter decides to eat them. (side note, the lollipop at the bottom didn't make it one day, and sadly, neither did Baby Jesus in a nutshell that Regan made when she was 3!)

And you know who comes once the tree is up...

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