Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last Day of School!

I always like to compare pictures from the first day and the last day of school. See how much the kids have grown (or not!). Riley doesn't feel like he's grown much, but I got his physical form from the beginning of the year, and he's grown 4 inches and gained 20 pounds! He's not a little boy anymore, that's for sure!

Regan's school has a "5th Grade Walk" where they line up all the kids and teachers and then have the 5th graders walk through the school for one last time and everyone waves and high fives them. They played the song "The Best Day of our Lives" and there wasn't many dry eyes in the place. I was surprised at all the little girls bawling their eyes out, but I was almost one of them when I saw my baby walk through that curtain. Of course, she wasn't crying, she and her BFF Piper were calmly walking through (last ones too) and laughing at all the people who were crying!

Anyway, another year in the books. Next year is the beginning of middle school for Regan and Riley will be a sophomore.  Oh, and Regan won a reader award and A and B honor roll for the year! So proud of my girl!!

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