Friday, September 18, 2009

Nature Walk and Splash Exhibit

Nature Walk

We joined a Nature Explorers group to go on hikes and learn about nature and animals. This week we were going to learn about animal tracks and see if we could identify animals by their footprints or "scat" which the kids were thrilled about. But, the location for this week was WAY on the other side of town, way farther than I thought, so we got there late, and did our own nature walk. The kids had a great time, but I think the only scat we saw was of the dog variety. But we sat on some rocks, the kids sketched some birds, trees, and other animals, they saw several beetles, admired the view, and just sat quietly and enjoyed nature for a while. It was a nice alternative to the chatty-Regan that I usually have!

After that, we headed to Zilker Park, I saw a Splash Exhibit that honestly I've never even noticed before! We went in there and learned about the Edwards Aquifer and the Barton Springs Salamander. For such a small space, they had some neat exhibits and hands on experiments that the kids enjoyed doing. And of course, we headed to the playscape for a bit before Regan begged for lunch at TacoDeli. And who am I to refuse TacoDeli! I love this homeschooling stuff...

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