Monday, September 14, 2009

Skate Park

I took Riley to the skate park, we were going to meet up with a home school group there, with older boys so he could meet some other kids his age that home school. Only one other family showed up though because of all the rain we had, but it turned out to be really nice, overcast, cool, a perfect day at the skate park! He wore his old rollerblades, and I didn't think about it, but as soon as we left, he took them off and he had HUGE blisters on the side of his feet. So now he's been googling rollerblades and found some nice $200 ones that he wants! That boy wants to do everything! But, this will probably be a weekly thing, at least while the weather is nicer, and next time he's going to bring his skateboard, and hope he can get better on that.

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