Tuesday, August 17, 2010

End of Summer

It's been pretty boring around here lately. I thought I would finally tackle the carpet, and started ripping out one hallway and realized the padding had been very heavily glued down, and the tack strips weren't coming up without some serious tools, so I abandoned my pursuit of wood floors for a bit. At least until I get better tools, and my big strong man is home from work to help!

And then we had to put the truck in the shop. The rear a/c hadn't been working in a while (it would click whenever we turned it on) so we had just been running the front a/c on super high, until that started clicking, anyway, with 100+ degree temps this time of year, the kids were sweating, and then we were sweating, it was time to get it fixed, but required me to be stuck at home without wheels for almost a week! Which if you know me, you know that's like a death sentence!

So we've been stuck at home, trying to organize and get ready for school to start back. I spent the last couple of weeks ordering curriculum and now that it's all in, and piled on top of the dining room table (I mean, the home school desk!) it's time to sort through and get it all ready to go on Monday (wow, summer is over already!).

And here's the Mont-ster, he has decided he wants to be an outside cat, but we haven't come to that conclusion yet. He just likes to sit and stare outside, until a door opens and he tries to kill you by running right around your feet to try to get out. He's so cute though.

And here's Regan at a birthday party recently, she had fun sliding down the water slide. She asked me on the way home if I thought she was too young for a boyfriend. I was like uh, why? And then she asks how I knew that dad and I would get married. Ack, a little serious for 8 years old! But apparently there was some boy rocking a Spongebob bathing suit that she thought she could see a bright future with. I'm not ready for that!

So, that's the update on our end. Not a lot going on, just getting ready to get back to our routine and get some order in this house!

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