Friday, August 6, 2010

Suncrest Farm

It's been a pretty laid back week for Riley and me, we just stayed home, ran errands, and got stuff done to get ready for school. But Regan spent the week at Suncrest Farm! Since it never worked out to have her birthday party over the summer, she decided she would take a week of horse camp instead of a party. And the great thing was, 2 of her Girl Scout friends were going the same week, so she had buddies there.

And she had a great time! She came home every day exhausted and full of good stories. She got to "adopt" her favorite horse, Louie for the week, she took care of him, brushed him, fed him, saddled him, and rode him all week. One day they learned about the mounted police, one day they learned about vets, and one day they took the horses to the lake and got to swim with them. That was her favorite day!

So this is the official end of summer for us. I'm waiting on a few last curriculum orders and as soon as they get here, we will be back to the daily grind!

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