Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hanging Out

It was our Sunday to serve, Regan serves in the 2 year olds, she loves playing with the little kids! I serve with 2nd-5th graders and Riley does the Tech Booth in the class where I am, and David does Campus Support now (finally delivered from Parking Team, yay!) So after church, Riley went home with a friend, Regan and I went to lunch, and then home to wait on David. After our ritual Sunday afternoon nap, we thought we would take Regan to the bookstore to hang out for a bit before we went to get Riley. We thought we would stop at Garden Ridge first and check out the Christmas stuff.

They have SO much Christmas there, it's everywhere! We saw the biggest inflatable Snowman and Santa Claus ever! They were huge. We checked it all out, got a great present for a white elephant party we have coming up, and then went to the bookstore to hang out some. Regan is wanting this huge book called "Wonderstruck" and I don't know much about it except for it's HUGE and this is my dyslexic, non-reading kid. But, it might end up being a Christmas present. I want to encourage her to read as much as possible. She's been getting a lot better with her reading also.


Anyway, it was fun just hanging out. Brought back memories of sitting at the bookstore when the kids were younger and would play with the trains. Then we had a quick dinner at Chili's and headed home to get ready for the short week of school.

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