Friday, November 9, 2012

Veteran's Day Program

Regan auditioned for the school choir a while back, and made it (yay Regan!) and today the choir sang at her school's Veteran's Day Program.

They had the program outside of the gym, and the high school ROTC came and presented colors, and the choir sang, the 5th grade dance team had a dance, they had some kids read essays that they had written about Veteran's, it was a nice program. And the Girl Scouts of the school presented a wreath and flowers at the end, so Regan got to do that also.

She had to wear her Girl Scout uniform and vest, and she wasn't real thrilled with that, she's like me and wants to be all colorful, not in boring khaki and white! But we found a gold hair cone that is exactly like one I used to have in high school, so she was happy to wear that today, and one blue star earring and one red star earring.

Here's the video of them singing (I didn't get the whole song, but you get the idea) and some pictures. They did a great job!

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