Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My First Ink

And my last! I've always heard tattoos are addictive but nope, they're just painful! Well, I've always wanted a tattoo but I couldn't decide what exactly I wanted. I mean, I haven't even painted my bedroom because I can't settle on a paint color! How will I live with something forever!

Well, today is mine and David's 20th anniversary, and what better way to commemorate it than with a tattoo? David was surprised, he didn't think I would really do it. I met him for lunch at Mandola's Italian Deli and it was really good, and then I went to the tattoo place. Talk about out of my element! But they were super nice and it was pretty easy. I was surprised that it hurt as bad as it did, I'm Ms. Natural Childbirth and all, but wow, ouch! The outlining was bad, the filling in wasn't too bad, or I was just numb by then!

So, what do you think? I told David he's been a figurative pain in the neck for the last 20 years, now he's literally a pain in my neck! But, no matter what, he's stuck with me now. I figure if we can make it for the first 20 years, the rest of our lives will be easy!

I like it, the kids were shocked, Riley thinks it's cool, Regan wasn't too happy, but glad my hair covers it. 

Now it's David's turn. Maybe my name in big fancy letters across his chest?

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