Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Girl Scout Photo Shoot

Our Girl Scout troop did a photo shoot to celebrate another year together. The theme this year was "Girl Scouts are SUPER Girls!" And so each girl wore her Girl Scout uniform, and another outfit of something she is active in, sports, band, etc. We had Roller Girls, Volleyball, Karate, Flute, Trumpet, etc. Regan wore her church shirt since that's about the only other thing we are in right now! She is a Super Girl though because she works with the babies! Not many people love to do that as much as Regan.

So here are a few pictures from the photo shoot. The bonus was, siblings could jump in on the action too, so I bribed Riley and told him that would be my Mother's Day present if he would come, and SMILE for just a few pics. They turned out pretty good, so I'm glad he did.

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