Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alex and Melissa's Wedding

Our Valentine's Day this year was very special, in that we got to be a part of Alex and Melissa's big day! Regan had to cheer at 8, Riley had a basketball game at noon (at the church in the background) and so we dropped him off and booked it up the hill for the wedding. It was a very intimate and special time and I was proud to be there. I cried when Alex got so choked up he could barely speak, but what he said was so sweet and profound, and I was just glad to be there. It was very cold, so they kept it short, but that hill, and our church, has special meaning to us all, so it was fitting for this ceremony to be there. Regan got to spread rose petals around the grass, and she enjoyed being there and watching too. It was just a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day, celebrating new love.

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