Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fishing in Franklin


On Monday we headed out to the Bayou to do some fishing and go to the camp. Regan wanted to fish SO bad, but we didn't catch anything all day, bummer. We made it out to the camp where Riley got to shoot several guns. Regan's main wish was to find an alligator and take a picture for her teacher. Well, we found not one, but two! And Papa Leo almost caught one for us, but it was too wily. We saw nutra rats headed into the bush, Riley shot a bird, and we threw out corn for Papa Leo to hopefully catch a wild hog. The kids climbed in the deer stand, and had a good time out in the marsh. I was just there as photographer for the day.

Then we went home and played "Deal or No Deal" for the Wii. It was fun trying to get better deals than everyone else, but we pretty much all sucked.

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