Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thinking Day

Regan had Girl Scout Thinking Day after our last cheerleading and basketball games of the season. We book it up to the church where I dropped her off for 2 hours to learn about life in the "global village". So when I pick her up, I ask her how it goes and she tells me all about the chicken nuggets they ate in the USA, and some place called "Watermelon" where people can die from mosquitoes and they eat bean and cheese! I said, where is this place? "Watermelon!" I said, do you mean Guatamala? Oh, yeah, that's it, WaterMALA! So funny. But they did go to several different country "stations" and try food and play games, and sounded like they had a great time.

It was also our LAST cookie booth of the 2009 cookie season! And of course, it got cold again for it. We were at Blockbuster from 6-8 and at least we had some pity sales. I think our grand total ended up being 386 boxes sold. Not bad for our first year!

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