Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 'Hawk

Riley had been wanting a mohawk for a long time. He asked a lot of questions about them, googled them, had a lot of ideas about them. I've never known a boy so obsessive about his own hair as Riley. Last haircut he got, which was the short one for gymnastics, he cried because "she cut off all my curls!" So I guess he got used to being curl-free for a while and decided to go a little more dramatic.

I took him in, I was really just wanting it trimmed up, but he said he wanted a mohawk, then he changed his mind, then we let Regan go ahead of him so he could think about it some more, Regan is growing her bangs out, so she just wanted the back shorter, and hers is adorable.

But once Riley decided he really would go through with it, he sat down, they started shaving, and he freaked out. There was enough hair on the floor to make a sweater for David. He really wanted the strip of hair to be longer so he could make "liberty spikes" so he wasn't happy that it was so short, but I like it like that, easier to stick up. We left and went next door to Sally's to buy some hair cement, and he started crying, "I'm bald!" It was funny, but not the time for mom to start laughing!

He's adjusted to it more now, although he goes into the bathroom about every 10 minutes to look at it. He slept with a blanket over his head because his baldness got cold, and every time he walks in the room with me, it takes me a second to realize who he is!

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