Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sea World

Girl Scouts Sea World

As a reward for selling so many girl scout cookies this year, the girls got to pick something fun to do, and they picked a trip to Sea World. We had to be at our leader's house by 6:45am to decorate the cars, the girls all wrote their names and "Sea World or bust" etc. all over the windows on the cars.

We got to Sea World just as it opened, and headed off to the dolphins and sharks. Then we spent some time in the water park to cool off, had lunch, and were about to go to another show when it started lightning and thundering. They ended up closing some of the rides and shows for a bit, so we went to the 4D movie that's indoors, and killed some time. Then Regan realized she was finally tall enough to ride the Steel Eel, so of course, we had to do that. She has spent many a time sitting under the Steel Eel waiting for Riley to ride so she was SO excited that it was finally her turn. She loved it (after that first big drop) and wanted to go again, but we had other things to see and do.

We saw the hilarious Sea Lion show that is my favorite, and then the last Shamu show of the day and left the park as it was closing at 10. We grabbed a quick bite at Taco Cabana and got home just before 2am. We were beat to say the least.

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