Thursday, July 16, 2009

Metal Mash Ups

I took the kids to the library, without telling them it was "story time". They usually give me grief about going to story time, and I guess they are getting too old for it, but during the summer the library has a bunch of fun activities to do, so I thought they would enjoy this weeks, and I was right, I just had to sneak them on board!

After a reading of a very childish book, by a very childish speaker, they got to make metal-art. There were magnets and paper clips and all kinds of metal things. Riley spent most of his time making aliens out of aluminum foil, and had I known that was so much fun, I would have busted out the foil a LONG time ago!

And Regan had fun too, she mad a map on one side of a paper plate, then put a paper clip on a school bus she cut out of a magazine, and used a magnet on the opposite side of the plate to drive the bus around the plate.

They also had old fashioned metal Slinky's and a little stair set up so the Slinky's could go down the stairs, again, never realized that could be such a big hit, I'm now on the hunt for an old fashioned Slinky for here at the house. So story time wasn't so bad afterall.

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