Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Riley

I can't believe it, but my little man is 11. Time flies when you are busy raising kids! I think it's funny that the name Riley means "Courageous". We certainly meant to have a courageous little boy when we named him that, but we had no idea how far he would take it. Riley wants to do everything, and I mean everything, and it's not good enough to just DO it, he has to EXCEL at it. He gets so frustrated when he can't be the best immediately, and it's probably because the boy has so much natural talent that just about anything he tries, he succeeds at. I love his adventurous spirit and his willingness to try anything, whether it's a new food, or a new sport. He loves life and makes life more fun by being around. I remember many nights when he was a baby that I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into as a parent. He was not an easy baby, always on the go, never sleeping, and I think even at such a young age, he just had so much he wanted to do with life, he didn't have time to slow down! As he approaches his teenage years (oh wow, I can't believe I just wrote that) but I look forward to seeing how he grows and develops as a person, and what other kinds of adventures we're going to get to experience with him. I'm thankful that with home schooling, I am getting to know him better as he develops into his own person. He has the sweetest most sensitive spirit of anyone I know, and I think he's on the right path to have an amazing life, and I'm so glad to be along for the ride.

Happy Birthday Son, you're the best boy in the world.

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