Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Riley's Birthday Guitar

Riley has been wanting to play the guitar forever. I mean, forever. I made both kids take piano lessons first, I want them to learn to read music, and get a good piano foundation, and then build on it. Well, he's been in piano for a couple of months, has already flown through several music books, he practices ALL.THE.TIME and really loves music. His teacher has said he is VERY talented and could see him becoming a professional piano player in his future. So when we started talking about what he wanted for his birthday a guitar was at the top of the list. After our bowling home school group, we were right by the Guitar Center, and for whatever reason, both my kids ADORE that store, so I thought we would stop by and check it out, see if he needed a kid size, adult size, just get a general idea of what we needed. Then we found this, it's an adult size, complete with carrying case, extra strings, electric tuner, and 2 learn-to-play DVD's. He has been practicing this non stop now. He's already doing great, I hear an actual tune once in a while. And hey, it's much quieter than drums, and I have a feeling that might be our next instrument at this house!

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