Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Take Three (Christmas Day)

Christmas Day 2009

After staying up late to assemble drums and a unicycle, I was so glad the kids slept in! We made sure their stockings were near their bed and told them if they woke up, to raid the stocking before they even thought about coming to wake us up, and thankfully they did. But still, we didn't make it downstairs until 9 or so, and we made some "magic" snow prints on the carpet to help David win a bet with Riley.

Riley was convinced that Santa isn't real and bet David $400 bucks that Santa wouldn't come. He wanted to stay up all night sitting in front of the fireplace, and if we didn't have a long night ahead of us assembling things, we might have let him! So come Christmas morning, we asked Regan to settle the bet, tell us once and for all did Santa really come? She looked around, saw the snow prints, and was thinking long and hard until she looked over by the tree and saw the sparkly pink drum set and her mind was made up, Santa is, in deed, real. Why? Because, in her words, "Mom and Dad couldn't afford these drums!" Don't know where she got that idea, but it was pretty funny.

So we spent the morning opening presents, and Regan got a lot of clothes, games for her DS, PJ's, a jewelry box, a Barbie horse and a pink Snuggie. Riley got the unicycle, DJ Hero, a new air-soft gun, and some games for his Xbox (that is out being fixed right now, so that kind of sucked to get new games and you can't even play!)

Then Riley hit the backyard and was determined to ride the unicycle across the yard before the day was over. I got a lot of video of him trying, and he was doing great. He said his legs felt like rubber after a while though. Regan hasn't gotten off her giant horse either, except to play the drums, so I think the kids had a pretty good Christmas!

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