Saturday, December 5, 2009

Marble Falls Trail of Lights

Our first act of Christmas festivities! We met up with Jay and Tammy at "the farm" as Regan calls it and went for BBQ, then headed into Marble Falls to do the Trail of Lights on the lake. We did this once when Riley was little, before Regan came along. It was so cold! The guys were trying to run through it as fast as possible, Tammy and I were going slower, trying to enjoy the moment, the kids were all screaming for hot cocoa, so yeah, it was FUN!

But, we did get to see Santa. Regan had been telling me for days that the next time she saw a "fake" Santa she was gonna rip his beard off for "pretending" to be Santa, so I was a little nervous, but I guess she thought better of it once she was in his lap. She did tell me that he definitely was an impostor.

Then we went back to the farm, Riley tried (and failed) to catch a chicken, he was scared they were going to peck his eyes out. We sat out back at the fire pit and made s'mores and talked, and had a good time freezing.

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