Saturday, May 22, 2010

Father/Daughter 80's Dance

This year the theme of the Father/Daughter dance was 80's. Regan was having none of it though. She told me, "I've seen pictures of you in high school, and your clothes were UGLY!" Hmph! I was quite stylish in high school, even if I do say so myself! What does she know of lacey gloves with no fingers, leg warmers, and big hair?! I was the queen of big hair! Anyway, she opted for a sundress and wanted her dad in a white shirt so he would match, and off they went. Since this was not even 2 hours after we got home from our big weekend, they didn't stay long, but had a great time.

Meanwhile, I took Riley out for a Mother/Son date and he picked Panda Express of all places. Blech. But we had fun, and he even spent $5 buying his sister a stuffed panda bear because he knows how much she likes stuffed animals. You can even see in the picture, her souvenirs from the zoo were 2 stuffed animals that got to go to the dance with her!

Then we met up with the Shenkins for some ice cream at Maggie Moos, and then met up with Dad, Regan and Papa to see Iron Man 2, which oddly enough, Regan has been bugging me to see. So we had a late night, but it was fun, and we spent Sunday afternoon laying around to make up for it!

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