Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hardcore Parkour!

What is Parkour? Click HERE for a quick, funny description by one of my favorite TV shows (The Office).

So, after seeing that, Riley has been Parkour-ing and Free Running all over the place. I heard about a Parkour Workshop where they teach safety, how to land, how to jump, and not break any bones, so I thought that was something he could benefit from. He was a little disappointed however, when we got there and he realized they weren't exactly teaching him how to jump off buildings. I think he learned some good tips, but it wasn't extreme enough for Riley, nothing ever is! I took several videos, the pictures were all blurry, but this is the most "exciting" thing they did there. I can see where he would be bored, he does double back handsprings in gymnastics, and they're just teaching him how to do a somersault, but oh well, it's all about safety!

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