Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riley, Camp and The Oasis

With Regan at camp, it was time for some boy time! I took Riley to see Despicable Me, we spent one day at Gattiland, and then on Friday night, we took Riley to the Oasis. We had a gift certificate that we won at NYOS almost 3 years ago and never used. I wasn't sure it would still be valid, but it was, so we ended up having a nice, cheap dinner at one of the hottest places in Austin! It was hot too! But nice sitting on the deck and watching the sunset.

We had our consultation with the lady that did Regan's assessment and found out that Regan has mild dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. The good news is that with tutoring and some specialized work in a few areas, she will not have to struggle with this forever. She just needs some extra help right now to learn how to deal with these issues. So we will be starting tutoring soon, and I'm looking forward to learning exactly how to be able to teach her this year.

On Saturday, Regan came back from camp, both kids had a great time, I have gotten great reports about both of them, and I'm so happy they had the opportunity to go and have such a great time!

Oh, and Regan's cheer this year (Sunflower Girls was their cabin name):
Who Rules? God Rules!
What Rocks? Camp Rocks!
Sunflower Girls, Sunflower Girls,
Can't be stopped! Can't be stopped!
(But she liked the Pink Power Puffs cheer better!)
P-I-N-K Praise high!
P-I-N-K Praise low!
Pink Power PUFFS!

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