Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lipizzaner Stallions

I surprised Regan with tickets to the Lipizzaner Stallions! This was a reward for all her hard work selling all those Girl Scout cookies (and mine too!) I didn't tell her where we were going (after having lunch at Chuy's with the family) and she kept saying it was the circus since it was at the Frank Erwin Center, and the last time she was there was to see the circus! She kept saying, "I KNOW it's the circus!" But she was very surprised. We got really good seats, 2nd row (and of course, the tallest man in the arena comes and sits RIGHT in front of ME). But, we were close enough to almost touch them. They had a tack and grooming Q&A before the show so we got to do that first. Then being the sucker I am, got her the t-shirt! The horses are cool, they can do some really cool moves, and I think now Regan would like to ride Lipizzaner's when she grows up.

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