Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The kids have been going to the Austin Nature and Science Center for 2 years now for science class. Every time we go, Riley complains that he doesn't like the class and doesn't want to go again. Until we leave and then he talks my ear off all the way to the truck about how much fun it was and how much he learned about whatever it was they learned that day. Well, this week, they got to pet snakes and learn about different kinds of snakes. He begged all the way home to get his very own pet snake. I told him I'm open to the idea, I always knew this day would come, probably around this time...

BUT...I wanted him to do the research. I wanted him to find out what they eat, what kind of cage they would need, what kind of snake would be best for a pet, and for kids, etc. Basically, I wanted him to become a Herpetologist.

He made good on it, Googling everything he could find on snakes, so I took him to the exotic pet store (Zookeepers) and talked to the guy there and told him, we're just here to do some research, Riley has some questions to ask you about getting a pet snake. Turned out he was the owner (Daniel) and he spent almost an hour with us, he got the cutest, tiniest little cornsnake out and let Riley hold it the whole time, while he let Riley ask him a ton of questions about snakes. He was very impressed with Riley's questions and said we were most definitely going about it the right way, he wished more people would do what we were doing, research and ask questions first. He thought Riley would make a responsible pet snake owner, and showed us the bedding, explained feeding (of frozen pre-killed mice, ick) and he was very patient and thorough. He even showed us how to tell if it's a boy or girl (it was a boy) and told us it would make a great project to get a boy AND girl, and let it lay eggs. I think that would be AWESOME!! So, here's the little guy and more than likely a very near addition to our family!

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