Thursday, March 31, 2011

NASA Day at the Capitol


Riley's school was signed up to do NASA Space Day at the Capitol, and they asked no siblings under 5th grade, but Regan has been bugging me to go INSIDE the Capitol building, so we planned to do that while Riley was with his school.

So we decided to make a day of it, and first went to Home Slice Pizza, and YUM that was the best pizza ever. Regan had been with one of her friends before, so she ordered the sausage and garlic pizza (?) and Riley just wanted cheese, and I got the Margherita, and then we all took bites of each others, and I wished I had gotten Regan's, Riley wished he had gotten mine, and Regan was very happy with hers. We'll just have to go back!

Then we headed over to register and noticed that the Capitol was packed. I mean, PACKED. There were people holding protest signs and people riding horses around the Capitol steps, combined with NASA being set up on the lawn, it was crazy. Regan and I had to wait about 30 minutes just to get through security.

So while Riley was off doing his thing, we toured the inside. Regan was very impressed with the building, the fancy decor, the statues of Stephen F Austin, and Sam Houston (she wanted to take a picture with him to send to her cousin Joy, who lives in Houston!) Then we went to the gallery area of the House of Representatives, who were in session, and saw a ton of people wearing signs about some bill, and two people in horse costumes, so of course we had to find out what was going on. Regan thought they were trying to make horses illegal in Texas! But, they are trying to get horse racing/horse betting legal in Texas. Not sure all the gory details, but there were a ton of people there to show their support for it.

Then we checked out the basement, or "the extension" and there was an astronaut signing autographs and a huge NASA exhibit and she wasn't interested, so we headed back to the lawn and found the free Amy's ice cream truck! Also, that's where we found Riley, on his 5th cup of free ice cream. He ended up going home with a friend so we booked it out of there to avoid traffic (kind of).

Next time, I'll register Regan for the space day, I think she would have enjoyed it, it looked like they did some fun things. And maybe I'll steal David's security clearance so we can skip the long lines to get in :)

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