Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Big Reveal!

Here is the video of the big surprise to the kids! The story was...we were having wood floors put in while we were gone, so we needed to pack everything up and take the dog and cat, and go stay with Mimi and Papa for a few days while the floors were being put in. The kids were very excited about that, already declaring who would get what room. Riley said he was going to be sleeping on the couch in front of the TV, and we told him no, he would not be sleeping there. He was adamant, and made a bet that he would be sleeping there, or he would be David's maid until Christmas! Well, we knew that we were leaving town in a matter of hours, so we agreed to that bet!

We sat them down at the table and said we had some "house rules" to go over with Mimi and Papa, and I gave them an envelope that had the words, "We are going to D I S N E Y W O R L D right now" inside, scrambled up. They had to unscramble them. Regan started spelling out R I LE Y, and Riley got the Disney part pretty quick. He was so funny when they got to the "right now" part, he didn't believe us until I showed him plane tickets with the date on them! And Regan, realizing we are leaving RIGHT NOW, declares, "But I have to go pee!"

So, we load up back in the car, and Mimi and Papa took us to the airport. We had a direct flight which was nice, and got in around 5:30, went to our "Magical Express" bus and had a tour of a few of the Disney hotels before they got us to ours. We checked in, found our room, luckily it was exactly the room I requested, just a short walk over the lake to the food court and swimming pool.

We wouldn't be getting our bags for another couple of hours, so we just put our stuff down and headed right back out to Downtown Disney. I had been hearing wonderful things about Wolfgang Puck's restaurant there, so that was the plan for dinner. It was raining when we got in, but it was perfect, it rained while we were on the bus, and while we ate dinner, but not at all while we were walking around!

We ate at Wolfgang Puck, Riley is considered an "adult" by Disney standards, so he got to order off the adult menu all week, and Regan got to order off the adult menu at any quick service meals, but not at table meals, which worked out just fine. Wolfgang Puck was as yummy as I had heard about, the Creme Brulee to die for (we all got dessert with every meal, for free since we got a free dining plan!)

Then we walked around Downtown Disney. We went to the World of Disney which is one of the largest toy stores or something, and then to the Lego store where they had Lego races going on, we found T-Rex which is where we would have lunch in a few days, and then we headed back to our hotel to get a good nights sleep, we had an early breakfast with Cinderella the next morning!

The Trip

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