Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


I was so excited about the Christmas Party! I didn't know what to expect, but I had heard that if you want autographs from some of the rarer characters, this was the place to get them. Thank God my kids aren't into autographs, cause the line for the Seven Dwarves was HOURS long!!

We got in early (after a worker told us our party passes were for the day before, uh, buddy, I have my vacation planned down to the minute on my excel spreadsheet, don't make me whip it out here!) He was wrong, we got in...and headed for the rides. Splash Mountain HAD to be ridden again. I tried to find a souvenir from the ride for Regan but they don't make anything anymore. Which was sad because Regan would just LOVE a Brer Rabbit doll!

Then we headed back around through some of the rides we missed the day before, most of them were too "kiddie" for our kids, but they enjoyed them. The spinning tea cups, the Peter Pan, Snow White and It's a Small World rides (Regan declared Small World "creepy"). We ended up back by Space Mountain where the kids rode it again, and again, and again. There were no lines since people were busy watching the early parade, but we decided to stay and see the late parade. David and I found an arcade where they had a game that you lay down in, so we just laid there for a while waiting on the kids.

Then we headed back to the castle in time for the Castle lighting show, and it was super cool. They had these laser lights (I'm not even gonna pretend to know how they did it) but it would make the castle look like a giant gingerbread house, or a big Lego house, or have people's pictures on it, it was really neat. Then they did a massive fireworks show right over the castle. They had this long zip line from the top of the castle, where Tinker Bell in a light up costume, got on the zip line and rode it all the way down, it was so neat! Riley just kept telling me I was the best mom in the world for bringing them, and they loved the fireworks show!!

The best part of the evening was free cookies and cocoa, and they were good, not some cheap nasty stuff! So each time we saw a stand, we would stop and get a cookie and a cup of cocoa. We were wearing shorts and short sleeves, so it wasn't exactly cocoa weather, but it had cooled off some, so it was nice. Then we made our way to Main Street to get a spot for the late parade. We found a great spot and had a seat on the curb and just people watched, and castle watched! The castle Christmas lights are AMAZING and so nice to see it all lit up with dripping icicle lights and it would change colors and it was just so neat to sit and watch.

Then the parade started and it was AWESOME! My family is not into parades (and I love them!) so I had to do a bit of arm twisting to get them to agree to let me see this one. It was so neat though, and I know they all loved it. They had really cool toy soldiers, and gingerbread men, and all the Princesses on this HUGE float, and it was just so great. After the parade, we made our way down Main Street, with the fake snow falling on us, and slowly made our way to our bus. It was a magical Christmas party and we enjoyed it so much! It was another late night, but again, the kids sat in bed filling out their journals and talking about all the great rides we rode that day.

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