Thursday, December 15, 2011

Epcot Part One

Epcot Day One

We actually slept in a bit, had a leisurely morning. Our plan for the day was to do the front half of Epcot (Future World), and then head to Downtown Disney, maybe Disney Quest for a while. We got to Epcot, got our Fast Passes for Soarin', the ride we had been hearing SO much about, and the line was short so we went ahead and got in line to ride, only to find out we all thought it was the most boring ride known to man. Seriously, I don't know who thinks this is a great ride. I guess if you want to take a short snooze or something, but I don't know why you would waste valuable time, and a Fast Pass on it! As we were leaving, we found a family of four and gladly handed off our Fast Passes! They seemed happy, maybe they hadn't ridden it yet either.

Then we made our way over the Mission:Space, which still makes me sick to my stomach and dizzy as all get out. The kids liked it though, especially making fun of me for being so dizzy. Then we got Fast Passes for Test Track and decided to hit up Morocco for lunch. They have a pretty good quick service restaurant, we each got the chicken plate, with grilled chicken, tzadziki, tabouleh, hummus, and cous cous, pita bread and baklava for dessert. They actually gave us an extra plate, so David was VERY happy we made the trip to Morocco. It was decent food too. And while we ate, the kitchen staff gave us a musical treat while banging drums and singing some traditional Moroccan songs while they worked. It was very entertaining. That's one thing I love about the World Showcase of Epcot, learning about other cultures and meeting all the people!

After lunch, we took the boat back to Future World, and finished up the rides and pavilions we wanted to do there. One of our favorites last time and this time was Club Cool, a place where you can get samples of sodas from around the world. The worst is called Beverly, from Italy. I don't even know how to describe it, but it's nasty! There's aqua fresca from Mexico which is good, a Ginger-Ale from Germany I think, that's pretty good, the Israeli one isn't bad, a honey, lemon type, and there's a watermelon one from China, but I didn't try that. It was fun watching the kids try all of them and then hit the Beverly!

One of the neatest things of the day was The Seas pavilion. This is a Finding Nemo themed area, where you can see very large, intricate salt water aquariums. But they have a show called "Turtle Talk with Crush" and it was very cute. Crush, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo, comes on screen and talks to you, answers questions, and even plays with the little kids in the audience. It was a lot of fun, and Regan really enjoyed looking around the aquariums.

We finally left, early for the day, and Regan and I decided we had enough for the day and went back to the hotel where we changed into our swimsuits, had dinner at the hotel food court, and then swam and sat in a hot tub that we found kind of hidden out of the way, behind the water slides. I really loved our hotel, the Caribbean Beach. Even though it was huge, I would stay there again in a heartbeat. The pool was awesome, the rooms were nice, and the walk over the bridge each day to the food court and pool was very pretty. They had a playground along the way, with hammocks, and several beach areas where you could swim when it was warm enough.

David and Riley headed to Downtown Disney again and hit up Disney Quest. It was the one thing David really wanted to do on our last trip and we never got around to it. He and Riley were there for HOURS! They loved it, as I figured it would be right up their alley. Then as they left when Disney Quest closed, what so happened to be right across from them but another Wolfgang Puck, so that's where they ate again!

By the time they got back to the hotel, Regan and I were in bed, cuddled up and watching Finding Nemo! (which was cool because we were staying in a Nemo themed room!)

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