Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adopt A Block

Adopt A Block

Today, Celebration Serves had a huge Adopt A Block Party! It was awesome! We had live music, hot dogs, drinks, snow cones, nail painting, face painting, bracelets and necklaces, we handed out Bibles, had the Fire Department bring a truck out for the kids to get in and look around in, had a barber come in to do free haircuts, tons of prizes and a big bouncy house. It was so much fun. I took Riley with me, he loves helping out at Adopt A Block.

It's at an East side apartment complex, lots of kids whose parents aren't around, or are involved in drugs, and our church has just kind of adopted this whole complex. We have picked up trash out there, power washed, planted flowers and grass, as well as monthly trips to have parties with the kids.

So today, Riley and I started off with nails and bracelets. He was so cute painting the nails for the little girls, and helping them with their bracelets. But then we moved over to snow cones and we made 100's of snow cones! They were a big hit, we had a line almost the whole time. Then the concert started, a guy from church, and he was awesome, the kids were dancing around! We passed out Bibles to the kids that needed one, helped the kids get in the fire truck and then helped pick up trash and give out prizes to the kids. It was a lot of fun, and I love seeing those sweet little faces each time I go!

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