Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Broken Toe

On Saturday, Riley and David were at the park for a father/son small group, and Riley decided to play football with the boys, barefoot. Not one of his smarter ideas and now he knows why. He ran into a pipe and hurt his big toe. We debated about whether we should go to the emergency room or wait until Monday morning and go to the doctor. We decided to wait, thinking they wouldn't cast a big toe anyway, and he has crutches from one of his (many) earlier incidents.

So, we took him in first thing Monday morning, they did x-rays (only our 10th set of x-rays in the past 3 years) and sure enough, it was broken. They had to call the podiatrist and set us up with them, so today we went there, they wanted another set of x-rays, and she said there are two clean breaks on that toe. If the bone had shifted even 1 millimeter, she would want to do surgery right away and put a pin in the toe. Riley was VERY relieved that he didn't have to have surgery! So now he's sporting a nice clunky boot, AND crutches, and we have to go back in 3 weeks for even more x-rays and hope he is healing by then. It's gonna be a fun spring break.

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