Friday, March 16, 2012

Snake Farm

March 17, 2012

My new favorite obsession is Groupon and the like...Living Social, Adealio, you name it, I'm all for a bargain! I recently bought a coupon for the Snake Farm, a place we've driven by hundreds of times on the way to San Antonio, but never stopped. So, I figured it would make a good day trip. The kids had a friend, Michael, spend the night so we could leave first thing in the morning. Well, they stayed up all night long, so they slept the whole way there, and all the way home!

But the Snake Farm was cool, we got there just in time for feeding the carnivores, and then we walked around, they had a lot of neat animals, zebra, warthogs, monkeys, lemurs, peacocks, hyenas, wolves (Regan's favorite) and a lot of gators and snakes. We spent a little time there, then hung out in the petting zoo area, feeding the chickens mostly, who would crow when they stopped feeding them.

Then we stopped for lunch at Wendy's and then had a nice nap on the way home (not me, the kids) and as soon as they got home, they came in and crashed on the couch for another couple of hours! Fun place though, we will definitely visit again.

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