Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet Hunter (maybe)

David and Regan, but mostly David, have been wanting a German Shepherd for so long. I've been looking at shelters and have found a few options, but one had heartworms, one was too old, etc. David really wanted a puppy, so every few days or so I would check on the websites and see if I could find anything. Well, this guy popped up, and we went and got him almost immediately! We didn't tell the kids, just in case, but you should have seen their face when we walked in the door with him! He's super cute, around 8-10 weeks old, and his name was Heath, but Regan has always wanted to name her German Shepherd "Hunter". So, we're seeing if that fits him. He's about the same size as Princess right now, and he wants to play, and sometimes she does too, but for the most part she's just wondering where in the world this young whipper-snapper came from! Monty is not impressed. He just stands his ground and fluffs out his tail and opens his eyes as wide as they go, going for that "don't mess with a crazy cat" look. He slept all night with Riley, so tonight Regan says it's her turn. He's a cuddle bug. And he's passed out now cause I took him for a walk. As a friend told me, a tired puppy is a well behaved puppy!

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