Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

We found ourselves kidless on New Year's Eve, for the first time probably since we've had kids! Regan had a dentist appointment (another good report for her!) and a friend called to see if we wanted to go get Princess micro-chipped for free at the animal shelter with them, so we went and did that. Then they asked if Regan could just hang out with them, and then, if she could spend the night. I was home waiting for the plumber who never came, so I brought her a bag and she spent the night.

So David and I went to one of our favorite sushi places. After 9 it's half price so we had a cheap, no-kid date! We came home, watched TV and vegged. I twas nice because it was cold and rainy and nasty out.

The next day, we made a nice breakfast, got Regan and then headed over to Pam and Dave's for the traditional cabbage and black eyed peas. Regan said she doesn't like those, but she ate like 3 helpings of each!

Everybody was there, except Riley, which really made me miss him. But we had lunch and played Scattergories and had a lot of fun. We sat around for so long, we all got hungry again and the guys made a pizza run. It was a fun day until we realized everyone had to be at work the next morning so we had to pack it up. We decided we need regular game nights though!

So here's a few pictures of the girls, Makayla wouldn't let me take her picture, so I kept trying to take one when she wasn't looking, which didn't work very well, but Georgia was pretty photogenic! And I just love her pouffy hair! And Regan had fun being the big cousin, they had a blast playing with her. And we brought Princess with us and she got spoiled, her Mimi made her a runny egg, she was in heaven!

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