Monday, October 14, 2013

Safari Champ

Today my new Mom 2 Mom small group from church had a meet up at Safari Champ. It used to be called Jungle Java and I took the kids there all the time when they were younger. But now, everyone else in my small group has little kids but since it was a school holiday we all met up there so the kids could play. A couple of the kids are in Regan's 2 year old class that she works in on Sunday's, so she enjoyed playing with them. One little boy wanted her to carry him around the whole time, it was cute (and she did).

Regan had spent the night last night with Piper and Brooklyn, so I took them with us to play too. They all had fun, and we played for a few hours before coming home to a Minecraft marathon.

Regan still has a little bit of swelling, but she's starting to get a black eye. She's afraid her eyes are crooked now. 

(Riley had spent the night with his friend Yash on Sunday night too, so David and I had a church thing to do, and after that we went to see Gravity in 3D at this really cool theater that has motion seats. He hated the movie, but I loved it, but more than that, I loved the seats! They move you around so you felt like you were floating in space when they were floating in the movie, or when there was debris flying around, the seats vibrated, and made you feel like you were getting hit too. It was so cool.)

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