Friday, October 11, 2013

The Dangers of Trampolines

I had a Groupon for a Trampoline Park, so we took the kids for some Friday night, pre-long weekend fun. Well, that backfired. We weren't there one hour before Riley decided to brush up on his gymnastics spinning back flip skills and Regan got a shin to the forehead. She came over crying with her hand on her head, and David says, "It can't be that bad, there's no blood." Then she removed her hand and David said, "Oh my God!" there was a knot the size of a grapefruit on her forehead, that thing was huge! She was crying and I know it hurt, so I got her an ice pack and we went to sit in the car for a bit, then decided to have David bring us home, the lights and sounds were bothering her. I was afraid of a concussion but she wasn't nauseous or dizzy so we just laid around for a while and I gave her ibuprofen. She was very concerned about the swelling not going down by Tuesday for school, but I told her I would get her a Klingon costume for Halloween and she would be fine! (She doesn't know what that is, or she probably would have hit me). This was her before the bump, looking cute in her kitty ears (that she tells people are really wolf ears).

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