Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween costumes were a little rough this year. Regan isn't into the "little girl's" things or sizes anymore, but the women's and junior's sizes are WAY to provocative!! So, we had to really shop around to find one that she liked, and that I agreed to. The one she picked was WAY too short, but paired with black leggings, I figured it would pass. She really liked it, and was excited to be a "Zombie Bride". Riley decided about 2 days before Halloween that he wanted a horse head mask. Of course I couldn't find one anywhere and had to order it on Amazon, overnight (thank God for Amazon Prime!)

So, here's the little darlings on Halloween. Riley had a football game, so he got a late start. He only ended up going to a few houses, I think he just wanted to feel like a little kid again for one night. Regan went around with her friends while I stayed home and tried to keep Hunter from going crazy with all the doorbell rings. And I added a picture of Elise on her "first" Halloween! She had fun!

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