Friday, February 7, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Our church hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance Friday night, and Regan was SO excited! She loves to go get a new dress, and make David get a matching shirt so they can go not-dance together!

Of course, it's hard to find a dress for a girl who's not a little girl anymore, and not a hoochie mama! Junior departments at the mall are crazy! Dresses are so short or so low cut, it was very hard to find something appropriate. And, Regan was home from school for 2 days this week with strep, so I was out shopping, texting her pictures of outfits, buying and returning things she decided didn't look as great in person as in the picture. Busy week!

But, we finally found the perfect dress, David (I) bought her a corsage, and she had me crimp her hair, put a little glitter on the eyes, and she wore her tiara. They looked so cute together! I hear they had a great time, even though she didn't want to dance, and David didn't want to enter the dad's break dancing competition. She had a sleepover birthday party to go to afterward, so David took her to dinner and then dropped her off at her friends.

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