Saturday, February 1, 2014

Middle School Band

What what?? Hard to believe my BABY is going into middle school! Today was band try outs. Back in my day (that makes me sound old) but you just picked an instrument, bought it, and you were in. Today, Regan had to go try all the instruments and they tell you which one you would be good at. Which was neat, because she has a "tear drop" shaped upper lip which made flute kind of hard for her to play, so they really discouraged her from that. She was wanting flute or oboe (and being a flute player of 7 years, I was trying not to sway her one way or the other, even though flute is better). But she tried the clarinet and really liked it! She had the perfect lips for it (big bottom lip) and then she tried the trumpet and that was a resounding NO. She (nor I) can make the right lip sound for that. So, then she went to the oboe. She did really well on it! And the funny thing is, her BFF across the street was in front of us and she fell in love with the bassoon. So, they could end up right next to each other! The only thing is, they will only be able to have 2 or 3 bassoonists and 2 oboists. The band director said she did well, but they have to wait and see who all tried out, and who did the best. So, fingers crossed (and prayers said) that she gets the oboe and Piper gets the bassoon!

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