Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

And what a day it was! I made cookies for each of the kid's class parties, made cups of cocoa for the teacher gifts (they said "you warm my heart") and glow stick Valentine's for the classmate's that said "you make my heart GLOW!" and they were a big hit. Regan's party was right after lunch, Riley's party was just before school ended, so I was up there most of the day. Then we had Riley's parent/teacher conference which went really well. He has a new teacher now, and he's smart as ever, and doing great!

Then for dinner I made a heart shaped meat loaf and pink garlic mashed potatoes, and a sunshine cake, that I decided we didn't need around the house so I didn't even cut into it, I just donated it to the school!! Such self control!!

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