Friday, August 1, 2008

Paintball Hurts!

Riley has wanted to play paintball since he could walk just about. Well, tonight he finally got his chance. He went with Alex and Tristan and some friends, and he had to *pretend* to be 10 (he's almost there) and they played night paintball. I have been telling him for a long time, the first time he gets hit, he's gonna run off the field crying like a little girl, but he wouldn't listen. He's been googling paintball places for weeks, begging me to take him, so he was more than ready to go, and pay the price of getting hit a few times if need be.

Well, as you can imagine, Riley's first time out playing paintball, he wins the first game. I don't know how many kids were playing, but there were teenagers out there too, not just little kids. Of course, I heard it was because Riley was so small, no one could hit him because he fit behind the barricades so well.

But, he did get hit a few times, and he did run off the field crying like a little girl, but that was only because of where he got shot, and let's just say next time Riley plays paintball, he's gonna be wearing a cup.

He won the last game also, but he does have some welps and bruises all over his tiny little body. He wasn't the only kid to run off the field crying either, or the first, I need to clarify that! He's a tough guy. But, I think we've created a monster, he's already begging to go again, and he couldn't stop talking about it, and giving us a play by play in detail of every shot he took all night long. He's all boy, isn't he?

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