Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ringling Brothers


Today we braved the protesters and went to the circus! Gotta love Austin, you'll find people who will protest any and everything. We got there early enough to head to the animal open house and see the miniature horses, the white tigers, elephants, zebras, and Arabian horses. It was about a million degrees outside, so even the animals couldn't keep the kids interested in staying out in the heat. We headed inside to get our usual snow cone in the cute circus cups (Riley got a white tiger, Regan got a light up elephant one) and the hat-full of cotton candy (that was for me!)

It was hard to say what the kids liked best, they really did enjoy all of it, from the tiny dogs and their tricks to the giant elephants and the circus clowns and their crazy antics. Intermission, time to load up on nachos and stuffed white tigers, and as soon as it was over we had to beat it out of there to get to church. It was a busy day, but they had a blast.

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