Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Times

Well, it's been busy around here again. Christmas break is O-VER. Here's pictures from the last game though:

That was Saturday. Monday was MLK, and David smoked meat, which is apparently how we celebrate holidays around here. Other than that, it was low key. Tuesday was the day I picked up Girl Scout Cookies and now I drive around with them in the back of my truck feeling like a drug dealer, "Hey, I got your Thin Mints, pay up." And today, I get to finish up with the kids science fair project because I've been subbing and we've been so busy we haven't gotten around to finishing it, and the science fair is, yep, tomorrow. I hated these when *I* was doing them, and here I am, STILL doing them! And I would love to say that the Merry Go Round will end soon, but it won't because we will be selling Girl Scout cookies at cookie booths for the next 6 weekends, along with Cheerleading and Basketball games, and I'm the cookie booth coordinator so I have to make sure that everyone has the booths they want, the times they want, and WAY behind on my laundry. Oh, and LOST starts back up tonight.

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The kids are so cute in their uniforms.:)