Thursday, January 22, 2009

Science Fair

Have a few minutes to post, been extremely busy lately, but wanted to share pictures of our science fair project, we got great remarks on it by the judges! And all the kids really liked it. I was subbing in 2/3 and when I told that class what we did, they had tons of questions, and they talked about making one at home and wanted to try some of the food themselves, so I think we picked a good experiment. Ours was Solar Cooking, we made a Pizza Box Oven, and made s'mores, and I have pictures of Regan helping me set it all up.

I also have pictures of Regan's class project, they grew plants in several types of soil, playground sand, potting soil, gravel, etc, to see which one grew the best, and of course, potting soil was the best. Each kid in her class made their own graph and they had a nice colorful presentation board. I didn't get any pictures of Riley's class project because once we got to the Science Fair, he took off with his friends, and I never found out which one his class did.

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